How to do The Shavasana For Effective Relaxation

There is no doubt that there are many techniques of stress control that are being practiced by people in the present times. But one technique that remains unbeatable is the yogic shavasana.

Complete relaxation is a combination of physical state and the mental state. It is the physical state when the muscles are soft and without tension and the brain waves slow down to a serene state of emotional and mental calm. This is the Alpha state in which the brain's rhythm slows down to 8-14 cycles per second and the two halves of the brain are in  balance. in this state the immune system is working at its optimum level and the body is able to heal itself easily. The mind is at its peak, both creatively and intuitively. This is the state of ultimate relaxation or deep relaxation as it is called.

Shavasana is the prelude to reaching the alpha state, which is the key to good health, creative thinking and intuition. It is equivalent to the Zen 'No Mind' state,  a state where you are in touch with the deeper levels of the mind. Anyone can reach that state through the practice of Shavasana. All one requires is a peaceful place and an ability to loosen the mind. Shavasana, which literally means' Dead Man's Pose, is an effective way to let go of the physical and mental tensions.

How to do the Shavasana for effective relaxation

  • Lie flat on your back with the hands resting alongside. Keep the legs straight and together with the heels touching each other.
  • Relax all the muscles in the body. Begin with the toes and loosen up the muscles till they become limp. Next, release the muscles of the ankles progressing upwards slowly to the calves and then the thighs. As you traverse through each part of the body keep relaxing the muscles groups in that area. Loosen up the muscles in the hips, abdomen, heart, the shoulders, neck, arms, elbows and the palm till you reach the fingers. Finally, let the muscles of the head, eyes, lips and ears be relaxed.
  • By the time you have finished with all the muscles in the body, you will begin to experience a feeling of total relaxation and your breathing will have slowed down to become more regular.
  • Lie in this turn to the right and count 12. Now get up slowly from your right side.
Initially, you could begin with holding the position for about 5 minutes and then increase the duration to 15 minutes, gradually.

This asana is excellent for hypertension and blood pressure relief.


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