How Breathing Will Heal You

Healing through breathing is used in all braches if eastern medicine, through not in orthodox western medicine. It involves breathing in the chi, as Chinese and Japanese medicine calls the "life force" or the 'prana' as Indian medicine names it, into the lungs and visualizing it flowing from them first into the solar plexus and then to the area to be healed. During exhalation the disease is visualized flowing out of the body.

The Re-Energizing Breath

These two exercises in breathing will first perform a releasing function on your body and mind and then  re-charge them. The second exercise is especially structured to boost your vitality but it should be used sparingly to prevent hyperventilation.

  • Breathe in deeply through an open mouth and sigh out with a relaxed throat. Your upper back widens on inhale, and release on exhale. Don't worry if you yawn; it's your body's homeostatic mechanism correcting your oxygen and carbon dioxide balance.
  • Open your mouth wide, inhale deeply and let the air out in a bid 'hah' Repeat a few times quickly. If you feel light-headed, breathe normally through your nose. Tingling in your mouth or fingers is a normal reaction to shifting levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
A Tension- Reliever 

This type of breathing exercise is particularly useful, since it only takes a few minutes and can be performed anywhere, at any time.

1. Stand up with your hands hanging loosely by your side.
2. Breathe in slowly through your nostrils, tensing all your muscles at the same time.
3. Hunch your shoulders up to your ears, clench your hands as hard as possible, tighten your stomach muscles, clench your buttocks and raise yourself up on to tiptoe.
4. Hold this position to the count of five. Fix your eye on something straight ahead to help you balance.
5. Slowly breathe out through your nostril and at the same time relax all your muscles, so that by the time you have fully exhaled your shoulders are down, your hands are floppy, your stomach is relaxed and your knees are slightly bent.
6. Repeat five times.

These are some ways that breathing helping you in healing. 


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